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Willy and Cindy Fincher

There is Hope

Parent Education

Navigating the teen years can be difficult for parents and youth alike. Providing tools and encouragement for parents to guide their youth in today's culture.


Providing a safe place for teens to share their heart while teaching them new skills that will foster wisdom in their decisions.

Social Media Basics

Social media is here to stay. Learn the most used platforms and how to effectively operate them for your desired use.

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Speaking Topics

Providing education & guidance to parents & teens.

Basic Social Media
Social media is used for connection with family & friends as well as for business and sales. Learn the basics of the most used platforms how to effectively navigate through the apps as well as keep your youth safe.
Teen Development
Education about physical, emotional, relational and spiritual changes for youth enables parents to gain a better understanding of their youth. More understanding allows for effective guidance.
Internet & Device Safety
Providing parents with practical hardware and software options to help protect their youth. As well as helping them to recognize unsafe social media use.
Parenting Skills
Providing practical tips to aid in navigating the pre-teen and teen years. From teen development to communication, boundaries, expectations and relationship building.


"I realized I wasn't alone as a parent and there are more ways to monitor my youth's media use than I imagined"

Parent of a 14 & 17 year old Attended Teens & Social Media 101

"Cindy was incredibly engaging and informative. She shared her personal story as well as her extensive knowledge of social media apps and how teens engage with this quickly changing media.I would highly recommend her engaging training for youth workers as well as parents. "

Emily Sterling Camp Fire Columbia Middle School Program Director

""The presentation was very informative and it makes me want to learn more!""

Parent of 12 year old Attended Teens & Social Media 101

""It was a reminder that is our job as a parent to help navigate social media WITH them. Taking the class also takes the fear of talking to our youth about this out.""

Parent of a 17 & 18 year old Attended Teens & Social Media 101

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